Interior bedroom, Alderwood

Our homes feature bespoke areas for those with dementia. These are uncompromisingly designed to feel as homely and comfortable as our residential care setting. There are large en-suite bedrooms that are well appointed, feel spacious and large enough to feel comfortable to enjoy quieter and private moments.

We also build in design features that specifically address those with memory loss, creating the right environment to enhance everyday life for those living with dementia. Each of our residential homes have a wealth of features that are designed to maximise independence, as well as create a safe, stimulating and restful haven.

Other dementia care features include

Memory boxes Filled with personal mementoes, memory boxes are placed next to bedroom doors to help residents identify rooms and also to prompt discussion
Bed position The head of the bed is strategically placed to ensure when residents awake they can see the toilet in the en-suite facility. The toilet is easily recognisable with a contrasting coloured toilet seat
Colour schemes Corridor colours and themes enable dementia residents to recognise their own living spaces and help stimulate them when walking
Lighting  Brighter lighting to reduce the risk of falls
Objects Interesting and tactile objects in rooms and corridors to prompt discussion
Dining Room
  • Cues for approaching the dining room include pictures of the dining room laid for a meal and pictures of food
  • A choice of different seating areas to enhance the dining experience
  • Integrated kitchenettes so residents can have the opportunity to get involved in meal preparation, laying the table and washing up should they wish to do so.
Doors Doors to key rooms, like the toilet, are easily recognisable from other doors
Quiet Areas  Quiet areas of interest to sit and reflect or enjoy different activities
Signage Clear signage that can be easily recognised pictorially and through the written word