The challenges and fears of memory loss in older age are clear for both the older person and also for the family members affected. And there comes a time whereby residential care from a specialist in this area is the best solution.

Carebase has many valuable years of experience looking after people living with dementia. We profoundly understand the journey that the person affected by dementia is on and we are both well equipped and well prepared to care for them in a way that makes the best of every day.

Whatever the stage of dementia, we maintain our interest in residents as people, ensuring their feelings of contentment, comfort, and security are preserved.

Through the years of being close to resident families, we also understand what it is like for you, the person that is charged with the responsibility of making the best decision for your loved one. We recognise the vital importance of choosing the right care home, and more often than not, the absolute urgency of this. We will work with you every step of the way, not only to address your concerns but also to build your trust that we keep our promises to care, every hour of every day.

Our Approach to Dementia Care

We take the time to really get to know our residents and really understand their likes, dislikes and life stories to help provide meaningful personal care. We also gently work with residents to prompt meaningful activity and stimulate participation.

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Feeling at home

Creating the right environment can make a dramatic difference to people with dementia. Our homes are designed to enhance our residents quality of life by providing features to maximise independence, as well as create a safe, stimulating and restful sanctuary.

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Dining & Menu

Nutrition and hydration are of a key focus in dementia care. Our chefs make mealtimes a highlight of the day, providing a freshly-cooked menu of food that always ensures that wellbeing is supported with the right nutritional balance.

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Meaningful activity

Creating the opportunity for meaningful occupation and activity can also help people living with dementia. Our homes have dedicated activities coordinators to provide a schedule of appropriate activities and encourage participation.

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