What makes ‘our’ care homes different is that we recognise the truth that these are the homes of our residents, first and foremost. This brings a whole new perspective on how to serve and care for those that choose a Carebase home. We are, in effect, the guests.

So although we build and operate exceptional care homes, we do not do this out of a sense of personal pride. It is quite the reverse. It is out of a feeling of deep respect and a desire to create the most comfortable and ‘at home’ feeling we can for our residents. This is then underpinned by strength of purpose: to care for our residents as they need and as they wish. There is far more to a Carebase care home than this. But this is our starting point, and to us it is the right one. Browse our homes above or use our home finder to discover your closest home.

We don’t compromise on quality – our residents deserve the best. We listen to what they want and create residential care homes that enhance their lifestyle. It’s not so much about a new life but creating a wonderful extension of their existing one.

Nicola Coveney, Managing Director