VJ Day celebrations fill Bramley Court

VJ Day celebrations fill Bramley Court zoom

Last Friday (15/8) marked VJ day and the residents and staff of Bramley Court used it as a fantastic opportunity to share memories and commemorate the 100 year milestone.

War time memories kick-started the proceedings with residents taking the time to share first hand accounts. Mrs J Garner, a resident at Bramley Court, recalled “It was about a week before the war, my Father was having a new posh tiled fireplace put in at the time. He decided that he didn’t like the news so decided he would have an air raid shelter built in the garden. It was eight steps down into quite a big room with an escape hatch at one end with sacking over it. We had a candle on the wall for light and our neighbours at the time were quite elderly so my father took down sections of the fence panel so they could use our air raid shelter too.”

Trevor ‘Budgie’ Walton spent the rest of the day entertaining the crowd whilst staff donned their fancy dress and reenacted the RAF, land girls, mechanics and nurses. A fantastic time was had by all as Elaine (insert surname), a resident at the home, comments, “I loved it, you all loved it. We loved it. You couldn’t have asked for anything better.”