‘Purple Angel’ campaigns for dementia awareness

‘Purple Angel’ campaigns for dementia awareness zoom

A passionate campaigner has been rallying support for improvements in home care for people living with dementia, suggesting that more has to be done in the year ahead.

Kim Pennock is a so-called ‘Purple Angel Ambassador’ – part of a team of representatives who encourage businesses to be dementia-friendly whilst also looking to raise awareness about the condition.

In an interview with The York Press, Pennock stated that her next objective is to create a special guidebook which highlights dementia-friendly places in York, helping those affected to make the most of a visit to the city. While still in the development stage at present, it is an idea which could be transferred to towns and cities all over the country should it prove successful.

Calls for more support in future

Working alongside Pennock is David Smith, who has called on the support of as many local businesses as possible to create a broad spectrum of information that would be useful for dementia sufferers and their families; places to eat, shop or drink are among those facilities which they wish to include.
This is a great example of the many schemes and initiatives currently being devised to improve the lifestyles of dementia patients across the UK, helping those affected live their lives to the full. Pennock’s project focuses on improving the lives of people living with dementia at home, but there is perhaps potential for similar schemes to be developed in future which could be tailored towards those receiving residential dementia nursing care.

Pennock also spoke about the level of government funding which was pledged by health ministers at the G8 Summit in London last month, saying that, while the £132 million being put aside is fantastic news, there is a feeling that the funds need to be made available well before the expected deadline of 2025.

Image Credit: Melpomene (Shutterstock.com)