Picture Perfect – Bridge House Joins Forces With Local Artistic Community

Picture Perfect – Bridge House Joins Forces With Local Artistic Community zoom

Abingdon’s Bridge House and The Riverly Club establish partnership with three leading artists and sponsor Oxfordshire Artweeks.

Bridge House, a brand new care development in Abingdon, and its partner members club for older people, have established a ground-breaking relationship with the County’s artistic community. Bridge House and The Riverly Club are sponsoring Oxfordshire Artweeks Festival this year and have also established a partnership with three leading local artists.

The artists, Andrea Bates, Caroline Meynell and Stuart Roper were chosen, not just for the outstanding quality of their work, but because they represent a key aspect of Bridge House and The Riverly Club’s approach to senior living – that every person can continue to lead an active and fulfilling life no matter what their age. Artworks produced by the artists are taking pride of place at Bridge House and The Riverly Club and the relationship does not end there. Residents and club members will be able to take part in drawing and painting classes and The Riverly Club will play host to exhibitions throughout 2013 and beyond.

The commissioned works feature a range of beautiful paintings of pastoral scenes and Oxfordshire landscapes. One of the most striking works, a triptych called ‘Grasses and Seedheads’ by Caroline Meynell, evokes Monet’s timeless ‘Water Lilies’ series.

When completed in March 2013, Bridge House will provide state of the art residential, nursing and dementia care, in the heart of Abingdon, for up to 71 residents. Bridge House has been designed to challenge preconceptions about care homes and, when complete, will offer a living experience akin to that of a boutique hotel, combined with the very highest standards of care.

Bridge House will be complemented by The Riverly Club, a members club for older people, providing a range of facilities including a Spa, Wellbeing room, Cinema, Café, Bar and Library. Residents of Bridge House can access The Riverly Club facilities (note: they will not receive automatic membership), and membership will also be available to older people in Abingdon seeking a special place to relax and enjoy a range of events and occasions throughout the year.

Maggie Griffith, Bridge House’s Manager said:

“The artworks created by Andrea, Caroline and Stuart are quite stunning. They really help to Make Bridge House a wonderful environment to be in and very much reflect our philosophy about the life an older person can lead.

“Bridge House and The Riverly Club are about celebrating life and making the most of new opportunities. I cannot wait to see the art classes in action and I have every intention of picking up a paintbrush and joining in!”

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