Newsreader calls for music in dementia care

Newsreader calls for music in dementia care zoom

An author and BBC newsreader, Sally Magnusson, has spoken about how she is heading a campaign to put music at the heart of dementia care.

Speaking in an article published by The Scotsman – which can be read by clicking the link below – Magnusson explains how the use of music helped her mother to cope with the disease until her death. Although she felt like she was losing her mother bit by bit, her grip on music continued to stay as strong as ever, and when words could not initially be recollected, singing would often engage her.

Realising that there was a strong link between music and the relief of dementia symptoms led to Magnusson setting up the Playlist for Life charity, which was aimed at promoting this new form of interactive dementia care.

This is a fine example of how research into dementia is ongoing across the UK, resulting in projects which it is hoped could lead to enhanced levels of care in dementia homes in Abingdon and throughout the country in future.

Source: Sally Magnusson on how music can treat dementia


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