National Dementia Strategy beyond 2014 discussed

National Dementia Strategy beyond 2014 discussed zoom

The government has signalled that there must be a contingency plan for the National Dementia Strategy to be continued beyond 2014, explaining that more must be done to improve levels of residential care – as well as other forms of care – which are aimed at helping those affected cope with the condition.

This news comes after a debate was tabled by the Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke, with Norman Lamb MP, the Minister for Care Services, stating that the measures must be sustained into 2015 and beyond. During the debate, Mr Lamb said: “it is absolutely clear – that something must follow; there must be a continuation”.

The Alzheimer’s Society were keen to express their enthusiasm at the recognition for a revised national dementia strategy, saying that the government now needs to “take the necessary steps to develop a new plan and ensure a real change for people with dementia.”

With so much positive work already aiding people with dementia all over the country, it is hoped that this renewed call for action will be answered and lead to further efforts being applied in the future.

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