Whilst much of the outside world has slowed down this year, our residents have been more active than ever. None more so, than Brenda, who, when asked what she liked doing best, replied ‘knitting’. Keeping her in a steady supply of brightly coloured wool ever since, Brenda has made 16 matinee jackets and hats, plus three blankets for our local hospital’s premature baby unit.

A keen knitter since the age of 16, Brenda says: “My grandson was a premature baby weighing just 2lbs 2 oz, which is why I wanted to knit the clothes for the neonatal unit.”

Home manager, Victoria Forsythe said: “Brenda hadn’t knitted anything for years but with some gentle support and encouragement from my team she took it up again enthusiastically.  All of the clothes she has knitted are so beautifully executed.  And as well as knitting for the neonatal unit, she also knitted outfits for two members of our team who were expecting little ones too.  It has been lovely to see her so happily occupied.”

Matron Elvira Baker, who received the clothes on behalf of the hospital said: “Brenda’s simple act of caring is heroic. Knitting all those clothes for the neonatal unit is inspiring.”

We were so incredibly proud of Brenda’s achievements that we took to Facebook to show friends and family Brenda’s delightful, multi-coloured creations.