Keeping active with dementia

Keeping active with dementia zoom

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease affect thousands of people all over the UK, an issue which can have a huge impact on both the affected and their families. While, to date, there isn’t a cure, there are a number of dementia care methods which can help not only reduce the symptoms but also allow them to lead a happier life. Just one of these is exercise; whether it’s a walk in the park or even a spot of gardening, the results could prove to be incredible. With this in mind, here are some activities for people with dementia which could be of great use.

Start off with some seated exercises

Health experts suggest that leading a healthy lifestyle is very important throughout life, so why should this stop during old age? Exercise offers an endless range of benefits, from reducing the risk of heart disease to helping to keep the bones strong. If you have been out of the exercise game for a while, why not ease yourself back in with some seated exercises, all of which are designed at maintaining muscle strength and levels of balance.

An example of these include bicycling the legs, making circles with your arms, bending your arms and legs and raising your heels and toes – all of which can be done from the comfort of your armchair in your dementia care home in Oxfordshire or other regions of the country.

Communal and individual hobbies
Try something a bit more challengingIf you feel fit enough, why not start a hobby to keep your mind stimulated and, more importantly, continue doing things you can enjoy. A great place to begin is in the garden, with everything from raking the leaves to general tidying giving a great opportunity to get outdoors, and, as a bonus, you can make it as strenuous as you like. As the plants grow and see the vibrant colours blossoming, it can also offer a huge sense of satisfaction. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden, tending to your indoor plants offers the very same level of enjoyment.

If you would prefer to enjoy a hobby with others, the slow pace of lawn or indoor bowls and skittles could be the perfect mode of dementia care as it offers an afternoon or evening out with people of the similar age. If you are interested, they are usually available to enjoy at your local leisure centre.

Alternatively, why not join a walking club? Being completely free and allowing you to discover beautiful landscapes on a long day of adventure, it’s sure to help provide great happiness and help in living with dementia.

Try something a bit more challenging

Sometimes going for a gentle walk isn’t enough, and if you are already fairly active you will need something more challenging in order to reap the biggest benefits. In this case, why not try music and dance as a method of dementia care? From a standard waltz to something more improvised involving ribbons and balloons, dancing is a great social activity and accompanying this with music has already been proven as a method to trigger past memories and emotions. Dancing can also reduce stress while also increasing rates of strength, flexibility and balance.

You could even try out a spot of swimming, as when carried out under supervision, can be a great activity. While no studies have yet found scientific evidence of benefits, it is still a fantastic method of dementia care because the water can be soothing and calming.


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