Diabetes in middle age linked to dementia

Diabetes in middle age linked to dementia zoom

Recent research has indicated that those diagnosed with diabetes in middle age have a higher chance of developing dementia.

Carried out in the United States, the study included over 1,400 people who were tested on both their memory and thinking skills. Researchers also reviewed the medical records of the participants, uncovering whether they had been diagnosed with high blood pressure in their middle age or later. It found that people who develop diabetes and high blood pressure between the ages of 40 and 64 are more at risk of experiencing a reduction in brain volume and further problems with memory.

Doctor Rosebud Roberts, author of the study, said that the findings suggest that by preventing the onset of diabetes or controlling the rate of blood pressure in middle age, there is a reduced risk of the development of dementia in later life.

Certainly interesting news, this could potentially further our understanding of the condition to help the work of specialist dementia care homes all over the country.

Image Credit: topgold (Flickr.com)