Claremont Court’s New Visitor Puts a Smile on Residents’ Faces

Claremont Court’s New Visitor Puts a Smile on Residents’ Faces zoom

Claremont Court care home in Guildford has a new visitor that has had a positive effect on everyone at the home.

Zuko is Claremont Court’s care home manager’s black and tan, smooth haired miniature dachshund, born just a few weeks ago on 10 April. This small bundle, currently weighing just 2.5kg, is a new visitor to the home and is already bringing much joy to all the residents.

Nicola Palladino, the care home manager, chose Zuko, who was the runt of the litter of two males and four females, knowing it would be a great idea to bring him to work a few days a week to put a smile on the residents’ faces. The home already has a pet therapy dog that comes to visit often and the staff are aware of the huge benefit dogs can bring to residents, especially those living with dementia.

Zuko visits three days a week and spends time with the residents while Nicola is at work. He regularly goes with them for walks to the local shops and also takes part in the Pass The Puppy Support Group meeting. He is affectionate and loves cuddles and is wonderful with all the residents. Since he is a small dog that won’t grow to weigh more than ten kilos, he is light enough to sit on the lap of the residents and often makes a beeline for wheelchairs, knowing there is a comfy lap to lie on.
The change in some residents is incredible and spending time with Zuko is proving to be a great catalyst for some residents who become more confident, interactive and content when Zuko is around.

Nicola says: “I always thought Zuko would fit in perfectly with the residents and staff and am so happy that he is bringing such positive results to some of the residents. He has really become a part of the Claremont Court family and is really missed when he is at Doggy Daycare!”