Carebase Carers Pampered with Thanks During ‘Carebase Carers Week 2013’

Carebase Carers Pampered with Thanks During ‘Carebase Carers Week 2013’ zoom

Carebase ensured all of its wonderful carers who work in its care homes were well and truly pampered during Carebase’s Carers Week 2013.

Carebase’s Carers week took place last week from 10 – 16 June and was the perfect opportunity for Carebase to say a huge thank you to the dedicated staff and amazing teams that offer such wonderful care and compassion to the residents in its homes and for the difference they make to the residents’ lives each and every day.

Carers Week recognises and celebrates the hard work the staff carries out and is Carebase’s way of saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the personal responsibility the teams take in delivering excellent care every day. At Carebase all team members are considered carers, from domestic staff to gardeners, as they all play an integral part in the well being of the residents in their care. This is the third year that Carebase has celebrated its carers in this way.

The week was fun-packed and full of wonderful treats for the teams, including an ice cream van that visited each home, a luxury nut and chocolate hamper, old fashioned and retro sweets, pop corn and candy floss carts, cakes and cookie towers and much more.

Carebase wanted to ensure that every team member enjoyed a week of luxury treats, with each home receiving a different treat every day.

Nicola Coveney, Managing Director, Carebase, says: “Carebase is an amazing group of care homes because of the truly wonderful, giving people who work here. The incredible dedication, care and compassion shown by our teams means we really do make a difference and the residents live life to the full each and every day. We are delighted to be able to thank them all by giving them a week of pampering to recognise all their hard work.”