Alderwood Resident Celebrates 102nd Brithday

Alderwood Resident Celebrates 102nd Brithday zoom

Peggy Byford was 102 years old on 23 June and enjoyed a wonderful day of celebrations at Alderwood care home. The home organised an incredible day of fun to give Peggy a great day to remember.

She started the day with a horse and carriage ride with her family after having received a full pamper treatment for her hair and nails at the home’s beauty salon. The staff had all clubbed together to buy Peggy a new outfit for her birthday and the staff and other residents waved her off before her hour and a half carriage ride around some Colchester villages.

Peggy really enjoyed her day, especially the afternoon tea with a wonderful cake made of 65 cupcakes to enjoy with the other residents. The tea was a classical extravaganza in the bistro, which was adorned with balloons and flowers, with a classical singer to provide the entertainment. Peggy got up and had a dance with her friends and family who were there to share her special day.