We Three Kings of Hemel Hempstead Are

We Three Kings of Hemel Hempstead Are zoom

Think that nativities are just for primary school kids? Well, think again!

Hollywood has come to Hemel Hempstead with the production of our very own nativity movie! “A Star Is Born” features 89-year-old Mary, 87-year old Joseph and 96-year old Angel Gabriel!

Yvonne, was surprised but delighted to have been asked to play Mary: “We’ve had a lot of fun in rehearsals – when I first came out in my costume the other residents burst out laughing because I looked so different! We’ve been ad libbing the scenes and I think we’ve done a good job. I get nervous at the thought of performing but because this hasn’t been filmed in front of an audience, it’s really given me confidence.”

Bailey, our People Services Manager, studied Television and Broadcasting at Portsmouth University and is the nativity movie’s director. She’s transformed our cinema into a studio with a professional “green screen” so backgrounds can be edited in, including the stable, Bethlehem’s streets and a starry night sky.

“The residents’ confidence has grown so much, they’ve really opened up, and I’m so proud of them,” said Bailey. “We had a very shy shepherd, but he completely transformed when the camera started rolling!”

The film even features a real-life baby as Jesus, Oleado Emerald, the daughter of our nurse, Charity.

“A Star Is Born” was screened at a movie night in our lounge, with a red carpet, popcorn and the option to dress up for the “premiere”.

Home Manager, Victoria Forsythe, said: “Our team members Bailey and Sue have worked so hard to make the nativity a fun and inclusive event for everyone. It’s been a lovely way of raising a few smiles and spreading some Christmas cheer.”