Acts Of Kindness Strengthen Community Links

Acts Of Kindness Strengthen Community Links zoom

Our much-cherished residents here at Queen Elizabeth Park have received so many letters and gifts from local children and relatives alike to let them know that, even though they are apart, they are not alone. We have spent many hours reading all the lovely messages from our Little Lambs playgroup and local Girl Guides troop, and they have meant a great deal to all our residents.

We have been overwhelmed too by the generosity of donations from local friends and businesses who surprised us with many wonderful gifts for our residents to enjoy.

From fresh produce to sweet treats and Domino’s pizza, we have not gone hungry! Thank you, also, to our charity partner Mane Chance Sanctuary, who ensured each and every one of our residents received an Easter egg. The fact that they delivered them dressed as a horse, caused much amusement!

It has been these gestures, from local friends and companies alike that have truly touched us; the effort the community has gone to, to stay connected and let our residents know they are still a much-loved part of this neighbourhood, has strengthened our bond even tighter than ever.