Little Acorns create magical moments for residents at Acorn Court

Little Acorns create magical moments for residents at Acorn Court zoom

Magical visits from a group of toddlers is spreading laughter and cheer among residents at Acorn Court

The intergenerational initiative brings fun and forges special bonds between the children and residents who are always delighted to see the Little Acorns.

Hilary said: “I love it when the children come into visit. I was a primary school teacher and have always enjoyed being around children.”

Another resident, Jean, said: “I just love watching the little ones running around. They have so much energy and I wish I could run around with them!”

Former librarian Vivienne added: “It’s so lovely that I can sit and read to them. Because I worked in libraries I’ve always loved reading so it’s wonderful to share stories with them.

“The residents love it when the Little Acorns come into the home and they bring so much energy and happiness to everyone here,” lifestyle coordinator Tina Charlwood said.

“It’s so special to see the bonds between two different generations and how much they have to offer each other. It’s wonderful to see the smiles on their faces long after the children have gone.”

The group play together with toys and sing nursery rhymes before everyone relaxing with a nice story before the children go home.

Care home manager, Paula Deadman, expressed her delight at the regular visits and the positive impact it has on residents.

She said: “The Little Acorns bring an incredible sense of happiness and liveliness to our home and this fun atmosphere is something we’re really proud of.

“The interaction between the children and our residents is so heartwarming, and we are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to create such wonderful moments.

“To see the happy smiling faces of everyone, as well as enabling our residents to share their experiences with the children and create new memories is really special.”