Holistic Therapy at Bramley Court

Holistic Therapy at Bramley Court zoom

I began working as holistic therapist in Bramley Holistic Clinic in June 2017 shortly after the recent extension was complete. The new bigger hairdressing salon could also accommodate a treatment couch and so I was invited to work from there once a week as part of the “All together better” programme.

I have been working with Bramley for three years prior to this offering monthly one to one treatment sessions to some residents who find it hard to access other group activities, as well as for end of life care. I still offer this service, but have extended my availability to all residents, staff, families and visitors.

Having holistic therapies available on site makes it really easy for residents to access. I can either visit them in their own rooms or they come to me in the clinic. As I am there all day on Thursdays I can be flexible with treatment times so fit around other commitments and needs. This flexibility is useful for the team as well.

I find my work at Bramley Court very rewarding. Seeing residents’ health and wellbeing improve, whether it be noticing a person’s breath relax, a furrowed brow soften, or a person leave the clinic more cheerful, it leaves me feeling I have done my work. Residents have told me the treatments have helped them become better able to cope with life, helped reduce pain, and are comforted and reassured. For team members and families I aim to help people to manage stress in their lives as well as being there to address specific needs such as relieving repetitive strain injury, sciatica, head and other aches.

I really enjoy working with the Bramley family and feel welcomed by all the team members who are so friendly and supportive of me and the work that I do. I look forward to helping even more people feel at ease to live their life to the fullest.

  – Amy Ellis, MA BSocSci, ITEC

To find out more about holistic aromatherapy massage, reflexology, foot spas and energy healing please contact the team at Bramley Court on or email lifestyle.bramley@carebase.org.uk