EGGSTREMELY Bizarre Challenge

EGGSTREMELY Bizarre Challenge zoom

Bramley Court Care Home is challenging the community to enter their Egg Jarping Tournament at their annual Spring Fair on April 1st.

This bizarre tradition is popular in the north east where the hotly contested World Egg Jarping Championships take place every spring.

The game is played between pairs of competitors who repeatedly knock the pointed ends of their eggs together until one of the eggs cracks.  The winner is the one whose egg succeeds in breaking the greatest number of eggs.

The tournament will start at 2pm on April 1st.  Free hard-boiled eggs will be available for all entrants.

The overall winner will be crowned the Cambridgeshire Egg Jarping Champion 2016 and will win an eggciting trophy and a certificate.  The prize will be presented to the champion by John Martin from the Cambridge Rotary Club – who will also referee the competition

“This is a very special addition to our Spring Fair – which is raising funds this year for the Cambridge Rotary Club” says Bramley Court Care Home manager, Rachael Watts.

“Our residents are very excited about it and I suspect they are already practising to become eggsperts!  We hope plenty of people will come from the community to challenge them”.

Egg Jarping, which has been run in the north east for over 30 years, is growing in popularity and has attracted over 60 entrants, including players from as far away as South Africa.

“We plan to make this an annual Cambridgeshire event” says Rachael.  “Why should the north east have all the fun!  We will have some salt and napkins available – so our losing jarpers will at least have the consolation of eating their eggs”.

Referee, John Martin from the Cambridge Rotary Club says: “I will be keeping a close eye out for eggs that might have been tampered with to toughen the shell.  Apparently unscrupulous competitors can resort to all sorts of tricks to help them win – like brushing their eggs with nail varnish, dipping them in beer or warming them against a radiator.  We shall be eggstra vigilant though!”

For more information on the event please call Helen Waspe on 01223 236 105 or email