World boxing medallist opens Bramley Court’s expanded gym

World boxing medallist opens Bramley Court’s expanded gym zoom

Residents flocked to watch Demie-Jade cut the ribbon on 30th June, included 86-year-old Doreen Hubbard and 93-year-old Pat McCarthy, who donned their boxing gloves for a little spar with Demie-Jade!

Former Histon Primary school teacher Doreen discovered her love of boxing when she moved to Bramley Court.  Doreen said: “I always wanted to box like my brothers, but I wasn’t allowed to because I was a girl! Now that I do box, I think about my maths teacher who didn’t help me with my maths. I knock her out in my mind every time I box and feel so much better for it!”.

Demie-Jade, who is currently training with Team GB, said: “The gym facilities are lovely, with all the equipment you need. I’d like it myself! I’ve loved meeting everyone at Bramley Court. The residents were so enthusiastic and keen to spar with me! You could tell they were really into it! I hope I can visit again to see how everyone is getting on.”

Jane Hall, who leads the exercise programme at Bramley Court said: “We’ve been running gym sessions for a long time now, but the popularity of exercise amongst the residents meant we really needed to expand the facilities. Everyone absolutely loves the gym, it’s been life-changing for everyone, including me!”

As a testament to the effectiveness of the focus we put on exercise, one resident, David Forbes (aged 70), after a long hospital stay, had very limited mobility.  He now holds the title of Bramley’s strongest man, pushing 30 kgs with leg curls and 15kgs on the chest press for arm strengthening!

And exercising has no age limit. Another resident, Daisy Baytup, only hung up her boxing gloves last year at 104 years old.

Home manager Lisa Houghton said: “The newly expanded gym will help the team increase the reach of our exercise programme.  We already offer daily gym sessions, exercise classes with the local Histon community and Tai Chi classes.  It will help further increase our resident’s sense of purpose and wellbeing and help those recovering from illness and injury, like David, to rehabilitate successfully and swiftly.”