Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Absence makes the heart grow fonder zoom

We haven’t been able to go into Bramley Court since before the lockdown and we miss you all.  Of course, it’s right that we don’t go in but that doesn’t make it easy.  This got us thinking about what it is that we miss.

We miss the greeting at the door, knowing that we are welcomed and that we feel part of a great team.  From the moment we walk in we can see what’s going on.  We can see the residents walking around their home.  Or they might be sitting finishing their breakfast (it never matters what time breakfast finishes!) or taking their daily stroll.  Some will be dressed and some won’t have got around to it yet – it’s is their choice because it’s their home.

We miss the relaxed atmosphere in the lounge.  Just walking in and finding our friends sitting with a coffee and the newspaper.  We miss chatting to them and catching up on their news.  We love the way they know we have a life outside and want to hear about it.  We miss the comforting hugs – it’s not just about what we bring in – it’s also about what they give us.

Of course, we miss helping all the residents to stay strong and mobile.  I don’t know what picture the press has painted of care home residents recently but I do know that Bramley Court is a home where older people are treated with the utmost respect and everyone is looked after in the very best way possible.  I know that every person who lives in that home matters and is given top priority.  I know that every precaution possible will be taken to keep everyone safe and healthy.  I know that every life matters.

We miss chatting with the staff – we pop in and out – the carers are there day in and day out – doing an absolutely brilliant job.  Sometimes looking after older people is a big challenge without the fear of a deadly disease hanging over everyone.  We miss the laughs and the tears that go with caring for the Bramley family.

And of course, we miss the friends and relatives of the residents.  We get to know them, they share lots of moments with us, they tell us about what their loved one has achieved and what has been hard for them this week.  But how brilliant it is that everyone has been embracing the latest technology to keep in touch with loved ones! I miss the unending patience of everyone in Bramley who make the most of every single moment – no matter how difficult it might be.

We look forward to being back with you all, before too long.

Marion Foreman

Director of All Together Better