Vintage car trip makes residents feel like “Bonnie and Clyde”

Vintage car trip makes residents feel like “Bonnie and Clyde” zoom

The 1932 Chevrolet Confederate Sedan, thought to be one of only a handful in the UK, conjured up images of The Jazz Age when it visited Alderwood Care Home and took residents out for a drive.

Resident Mary Wiggins, 94, loved the experience which she said took her back to her youth.

“When I was young you didn’t often see a car, so the smell of this one brought back all those feelings of excitement from my childhood,” she said.  “I feel very fortunate that I could have a ride in it. People were smiling and waving as we went past – we felt like Bonnie and Clyde!”

Care home resident sits in vintage car

The car was brought to the home thanks to quality and wellbeing manager, Laura Birch, whose Grandad owned the car but was about to sell it.

Laura said: “I couldn’t let Grandad part with the car without our residents getting the chance to see it, I knew they would love it! My Dad brought it in and he spent ages chatting with everyone about the car.  They talked about how it had been maintained, they found the handbook and its instructions of how to drive fascinating, and they loved the interior.  It brought back wonderful memories for them.”

Resident George Kirby, 85, jumped at the chance to go for a spin. “I’ve always grabbed the opportunity to look at old cars when I get the chance,” he said.  “The car is in better condition than me, even though it is slightly older! I’ve never been in a car like this before, as back in those days it was only the very rich who owned cars. I struggled a bit with leg room – people must have been shorter back then. It was absolutely wonderful to go out in it. You could tell it has been very well loved and cared for.”

Care home resident enjoy ride in vintage car

Nikki Leaney, Alderwood’s home manager, said: “It was such a thrill when the car rolled up outside the home, everyone wanted to have a look. It’s not every day you see a rare vintage car so it was a real treat. We love to surprise our residents with exciting events and activities, it gives them the chance to reminisce but importantly we have lots of fun now too!

“We’re very grateful to Laura’s family for giving their time to create such a special experience for our residents.  It just shows the lengths our team will go to, to give residents here a fantastic quality of life.”