Creativity and Global Connections at Acorn Court

Creativity and Global Connections at Acorn Court zoom

While the past few months have brought unprecedented restrictions for all of us, life at Acorn Court has by no means slowed down. Our much-loved residents have been as active as ever while we’ve been coming up with new home-based activities and alternative ways to stay in touch with loved ones.

We’ve all got involved in embracing new technology in order for our residents to connect with friends and family via virtual meet ups, while in-person visits had temporarily been put on hold. By now, the world has become very familiar with the various apps, from Zoom to Whatsapp, which have allowed multiple family members from around the world to dial in and video chat together with our residents.

In fact, we’ve found that friends and relatives have been able to stay in touch more than ever before thanks to this new technology – and what a treat it has been to see our residents’ faces lighting up at the sight of their children and grandchildren from around the globe! A truly touching experience.

With the absence of our regular visiting entertainers, we’ve had to create our own amusement at Acorn Court and have been loving the new introduction of virtual pub quizzes! They’ve managed to challenge our team just as much as our residents and have provided us with hours of laughter. And even with social distancing restrictions in place, we have managed to stage a few special outdoor performances for our residents – including one from our very own, multi-talented Ami Higgins!

We have also been getting as crafty and creative as ever with the help of online painting tutorials, which have provided endless inspiration and brought everyone together in these challenging times. In fact, it has only helped to grow the community spirit within our home and I’m sure we will be keeping some of our new found entertainment going for months to come.