How will you support me to stay in touch with my loved one?

How will you support me to stay in touch with my loved one? zoom

We’re pleased to be supporting face-to-face visits from our residents’ loved ones. Currently these regular visits take place in our dedicated visiting area where we are able to work with our families and residents to minimise the risk to everyone. In addition we’ve loved regularly making use of video calls – seeing our residents’ faces light up when they realise they can see their loved one on the phone or iPad has been amazing and has meant residents with loved ones unable to make the journey to us are still able to see and chat to each other. Also, we’ve found that many of our residents love the simplicity of a traditional letter. If you don’t already follow us on Facebook then we urge you to take a look as we update it regularly with what we’ve been getting up to so it’s a great place to build a picture of what life is like here. We know that personal connection is what makes us human and even in this new era of Covid-19, we will continue to take every step we can to ensure personal connections are maintained and indeed continue to flourish.