Bridge House Wedding

Bridge House Wedding zoom

Chantelle Oswin is the much loved Activities Coordinator at Bridge House and got married on 14th September  in Steventon, Chantelle and her husband, Clive, had a wonderful day with friends and family, but she also wanted to celebrate with her Bridge House family.

The residents and staff were delighted when Chantelle arrived for the party that they had organised for her at the care home in her beautiful wedding dress. All the residents had shared Chantelle’s excitement in the lead up to her big day and were keen to share some special moments with her.

As soon as Chantelle returned from honeymoon Bridge House held its own wedding celebration for her. She entered the Bistro on her father’s arm, in her wedding gown, to cheers and gasps from the residents and staff. Several of the residents were on loan, as Chantelle’s husband was at work, to take to the floor for the first dance and to help her cut the cake!

The Bistro at Bridge House had been decorated for a wedding, with beautiful centerpieces and even a candy cart full of pick and mix sweets that her father had made for her own wedding. After toasting with a glass of bubbly to love and friendship, Chantelle spent the afternoon sharing wedding photos and stories with the residents from their own weddings. It was a very special day for everyone at Bridge House.